Would you want to learn how to beat your annoying weight loss plateau? Here are 10 simple tips that are sure to help you.

Do you feel like you have been trying to lose weight and nothing is happening?

How’d you like to know how to beat your weight loss plateau by doing these 10 simple steps?

But first things first…

What is Weight loss Plateau?

Weight loss plateau is simple when you are trying to lose weight and you do everything right but you still don’t see any changes in your body.

This happens to everybody at some point.

When it comes to doing something we haven’t done before, it is normal for us to get a little spike of progress and level off for some time as mentioned by the author of mastery.

This image below will explain it better.

mastery curve


As you can see above, the flat, horizontal line is the plateau. That is when you don’t see any significant changes in your body even though you are doing everything right.

Don’t beat yourself up; but for the sake of clarity, I’ll show you the causes of a weight loss plateau so you can see if you are doing something wrong.

5 Causes of Weight Loss Plateau.

  1. You are always tired
  2. You have stopped eating healthy
  3. You’re only focusing on cardio exercises
  4. You live a sedentary lifestyle
  5. Too much stress

These are just some of the reasons you may not be losing weight.

So, how can you beat the annoying weight loss plateau and go back to losing weight the way you want to?

how to beat your weight loss plateau

Below are the 10 simple ways to beat that frustrating weight loss plateau.

1. Look at your calorie needs once more

You may need to cut 100 calories from your feeding daily and it may have been working for you, but now that you have hit a weight loss plateau, you will have to take a look at your calories and see if you can increase the number of calories you have to cut from your meals everyday.

2. Get a fitness minded friend/partner

You may have been de-motivated to lose weight and that is why you are experiencing a weight loss plateau.

Get a friend that is also on the weight loss journey with you so that the both of you can motivate each other and it doesn’t feel like you are working hard for this. It may even start to feel like you are having fun.

Women Exercising

Make sure the friend or partner you choose is someone you like to spend time with.

3. Sleep better

Lack of a good night sleep might be what is keeping you from losing weight.

Here are 5 simple tricks you can use to get a better night sleep:

  • Eat better
  • Take a cold shower in the evenings
  • Exercise every morning
  • No caffeine in the evenings
  • Get a good mattress and pillow

Are you sleeping up to seven hours daily?

Look at your sleep cycle and see if there’s anything that has changed recently in your sleeping pattern and if you find something, it is likely that is the thing that is causing your weight loss plateau.

You will have to go back to your original sleeping schedule.

4. Keep a food journal

When you find out you are no more losing weight, you will have to start looking at what you eat.

Keep a food journal and look at it at the end of each day to see what you may have incorporated into your daily eating habit that you might have missed.

If there’s an anomaly in your eating pattern, it is likely that’s what’s causing your weight loss plateau.

5. Get more active

Lack of physical movements might just be what’s causing your weight loss plateau.

How many hours do you spend just sitting down? Especially if you work at an office desk.

Try to move around for 10 minutes after every 50 minutes. Go for a short walk and see how this can beat the weight loss plateau.

Learn to play a sport. Even golf will be okay as long as you don’t tee-up sitting in your cart.

6. Manage your stress level

This can become a major issue when it comes to losing weight.

Stress can not only cause you to start experiencing a weight loss plateau, but it can actually cause you to start adding weight due to maybe stress-eating.

You will have to be very watchful of how things unfold around you so you can watch your stress level.

Have you ever caught yourself worrying for no reason and you can’t even remember what got you worried in the first place?

Man in Blue and Brown Plaid Dress Shirt Touching His Hair

I have and this is what you should do.
What I do is that I start to think backwards until I find that thing that got me worried; and most times it wasn’t worth the stress.

I end up thinking to myself, “is that what I was worried about?

Here are some of the reasons we become stressful:

  • Loss of job
  • Work stress
  • Getting married
  • Divorce
  • Financial obligations
  • Death of a loved one
  • Emotional problems
  • Changes
  • Chronic Illness
  • Public speaking

You will have to find a way to deal with these situations or better still, talk to a psychologist so that they can help you overcome these stressful situations.

7. Do more aerobic exercises

Exercises are good but when you have hit a weight loss plateau, you will have to do more of the aerobic exercise.

Aerobic exercise are exercises that are done that helps you burn calories, like;

  • Running
  • Walking
  • Playing a sport where you will have to run. Eg, Football

Anaerobic is more about building more body mass like lifting weights.

8. Try Fasting

Fasting can be a nice, fast way to ditch the weight loss plateau. But it is kind of tough being that you will not have to eat for a certain period of time.

Most people talk about intermittent fasting which is a good way to fast where you don’t eat for, lets’ say, 18 hours.

But the kind of fast I do is just the old 6am to 6pm kind of fasting.

This means I don’t eat anything between 6am till 6pm.

Kinda simple, really. 

But it’s tough if you are the kind of person that likes to eat and not miss a meal.

The good news though is that you can choose one of these methods and try it out to see if it will work for you; and if it doesn’t, you pick another. 

If that doesn’t work, you pick another…. until you find the method that will get you out of the weight loss plateau funk.

9. Lay off the salt

Salt can cause you to bloat and retain water in your body which makes you feel like you are not losing weight.

All you have to do is lay off salt for some time and see if you have begun losing weight again.

This one is really simple that it should have been the very first method for beating your weight loss plateau…..

…but ehn. It’s number nine.

10. Do a cleanse

This may be the last option for you if you have tried all the others above and still can’t beat the plateau.

Do a cleanse to remove all the nonsense from your gut and start again doing all you need to do to lose weight and you may notice that all you needed was a reset.

how to bust through your weight loss plateau

Over to You

Which one of these ways do you think is best for you and which one do you think can be added to make this list a more comprehensive one.

I would like to know.

If you have any questions about any of these methods, you can ask me in the comment section.

I am always excited to hear from you.

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