There are sneaky weight loss mistakes we make but are unaware of them because, well, they’re sneaky.

Today I’m going to show you some of those mistakes and how you can avoid them.

There are many weight loss mistakes you may be making but it is important to use the 80/20 rule here.

Eighty percent of your weight gain is caused by twenty percent of the mistakes you make.

This means we are going to focus on the twenty percent.

1. Shopping without careful planning

When you go grocery shopping, it is important you spend some time to list out the things you need based on the amount of calories you need, the protein you need and the necessary supplements you should get.

Try not to deviate from this list because if you do, it can immediately spiral down to unhealthy eating habits and sneaky weight gain.

A little slip will cause you to eat too much calories or too little calories.

It can make you buy stuff on impulse.

Also, don’t shop when you are hungry.

2. Eating on the go

If you eat on the go, you won’t monitor the food you eat. And because you are not tracking your food, you consume more calories without knowing it.

Then one day you look at yourself in the mirror and notice you are having folds in places and you wonder how.

It’s because you have been eating on a go.

Try eating on routine.

Eat at specific times and don’t deviate from it.

If you have a job that doesn’t allow you to think about the food you eat, you can plan your meals for the whole week before Monday.

This will help you manage your food intake better.


In my experience, these two mistakes are some of the major ones you can make that makes you gain weight without thinking about it.

If you think you make any of these mistakes, let me know how you try to avoid them in the comment section. Love to here from you.


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