10 Surprising Ways to Reduce the Amount of Sugar You Consume


Sugar is delicious, but lets face it, it can kill you.

Do you feel like no matter how hard you try, you can’t stop taking sugar?

Would you like to learn how to reduce the amount of sugar you consume?

Sugar is fast becoming the number one public enemy when it comes to the issue of living a healthy lifestyle and losing weight fast.

Our bodies naturally need sugar to function properly, but when processed and added to what we eat, it becomes trouble.

So, what is a good amount of sugar to consume in a day to help lose weight?

Sugar is usually the number one additive to drinks and all kinds of food items including many low-fat products. And it usually is a major reason you are stuck in your current weight loss plateau. Most people don’t know this.

At the end of this post, you will see a list of 47 sneaky names for sugar the industry hopes you don’t find out.

Why you MUST reduce eating sugar?

You may have this question as you may have been taking sweets for years and have not seen any negative side effect.

Below are 7 reasons you should avoid taking excessive sugar:

  1. You gain more weight
  2. It makes you crave more food and sugary stuff by making the body produce less leptin, which is needed for appetite regulation
  3. Your breathing becomes stressful (I am a true witness of this scenario)
  4. Sugar serves as fuel for cancerous cells
  5. It can lead to diabetes
  6. Sweets contributes to heart disease
  7. It has a pivotal role in the development of Alzheimer’s

The thing is that added sugar don’t only come from sweets, they creep around everywhere, even in places you would NOT expect them to be.

Hiding in plain sight.

Sugar is packed with empty calories, it muddles with your metabolism, make you fat, and can also lead to obesity.

Not all sugar is bad

Sugar from some natural sources like fruits and honey are not as bad as processed sugars.

There’s no need to cut all fruits from your life to reduce your sweets intake.

Reducing the amount of sweets in your diet could be one of the best decisions you will make especially if you realize you are tending toward the large side.

Plus, you don’t need a huge amount of will power to do this, unless you want to.

You reading this article on reducing your sugar intake means you want to fix your sugar intake and live an overall healthy lifestyle.

And this is your first step…. which is usually the hardest thing to do.

How to reduce the quantity of sugar in the body

When you start applying these simple principles in your life, you will notice how easy it is to reduce the amount of sugar in your body and you can lose weight in 3 days.

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  1. Have a strong why

What’s your reason for wanting to cut your sugar intake?

You know sweet is not good for your health but the little voice in your head tells you to have one more soda drink, “one won’t hurt”, and sabotages all your efforts to make better choices.

Is there a history of a certain type of disease that runs in your family?

One that can be aided through the use of sweets and other sugary substances and you are trying to reduce or stop the illness from affecting you?

Do you want to stop sugar so you can lose weight in 3 days?

By the way, I have seen fat people start an exercise program, like going out for a jog every morning and come back home to eat donuts and ice-cream.

That doesn’t help.

  • Do you want to stop eating sweets because you want to live a long and productive life and also reduce your risk of cancer?
  • Are you looking to stop taking sweets because you want to improve the overall aspects of your life?

You will discipline yourself if you have a strong enough why for doing what you do.

Remind yourself constantly of the reason you want to reduce your sugary intake by placing a sticky note in an area you visit frequently; maybe by the side of your bed, or your computer; or your phone.

They will help you stay on track and place your goal at the forefront of your mind.

  1. Remove all sugars from your house, including the processed foods

This can be easy to do when you live alone but if you have roommates, or kids, or a hungry spouse, this can be difficult to do.

Children love taking sugar mostly of the advertisements from big corporations on TV directed at the kids like sweets and candy bars.

If you have any sweet things in the house, you are going to eat it.

Make sure you don’t buy any sweet things.

The harder it is for you to access junk food you crave, the easier it is for you to avoid eating them.

  1. Read food labels to know the amount of sugar in it

Sugar is hidden in many of the processed and packaged food we buy and you will have to read the ingredients on the pack.

Plus, you can just stop buying any processed foods altogether.

Cut out sugar and all sugary substances from your diet completely.

There are lots of chemical gibberish on processed foods you don’t understand, and most of them are sugar.

Sugar doesn’t only come in the white and brown ones you are familiar with.

It is in many different forms and are disguised on the packages as organic substances with long chemical names.

  1. Reduce the amount of soda drinks you take, drastically

It’s not a big secret that most of the soda drinks we take contains lots of sugar, but we cannot resist the temptation of a sweet, cold, relaxing drink every once in a while.

We all know how relaxing and satisfying a cold sweet drink is on a cold day or for just a little pick-me-up.

Just one, that won’t make a difference, right?


Especially when you take sweet drinks almost every day.

Take water instead whenever you feel like having a sugary drink with cucumbers, lime or something with flavor and you will reduce the amount of sugar you take in a big way.

  1. Eat often and regularly

Eating often and regularly will maintain your blood sugar, and in the process reduce your sugar cravings.

This should be done at the beginning of your journey to reduce your sugar intake.

If you don’t eat regularly, your sugar level will drop, you feel hungry and are more likely to go after sweets.

  1. Add protein to your meals

Eating a good breakfast meal that has protein is good, like smoothies.

Any breakfast with lots of carbohydrates and sugary snacks is a bad idea.

This is because you’ll crave your sugary foods all day.

Protein controls blood sugar and keep if from going down or up too fast; which makes your sugar cravings come alive.

  1. Cook your food at home

Go to the kitchen and make yourself a good home-made meal instead of eating unhealthy snacks and drinks.

The best way to reduce sweets from your diet is to get yourself into the kitchen and prepare your own food.” says Diane Sanfilippo, a certified nutrition consultant and author of Practical Paleo.

You should use foods like fruits, vegetables, fish and grains.

  1. Set a goal for yourself

How long do you think it will take you to stop taking sweets completely?

A way to get something done is to write it down and list the steps you will take.

Also, your goal should have a time limit attached to it.

Some of the items on this list can serve as your goals.

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  1. Distract yourself

Go for a long walk to distract yourself from thinking about sugar.

Don’t take money with you so you won’t be tempted to buy sugary foods.

The sugary craving usually lasts between 10-20 minutes. If you distracted yourself with something else, it will pass.

If you do this continually, it becomes easier to deal with any sugar cravings you may have in the future.

  1. Drink plenty of water

Drinking water can help with the sweet cravings sometime. Plus, there are times that what we think are sugary cravings are usually just thirst.

Proper hydration is crucial for optimum health performance as it appears in almost every article on health.

Drinking enough water will fill your stomach and stop the craving.

Also, it has the added advantage of making you lose weight.

You can add a little flavor to your water like cucumbers or lime for taste.

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(Source: https://thewhoot.com/health/hidden-sugar-names-foods?omhide=true)


This doesn’t mean you quit it completely.

If you reduce the amount of sugary foods you eat; there’s a big chance that you will lose weight fast and keep it off forever.

Plus, if you are above the age of forty, you MUST STOP eating sugar; because it can make you add weight quickly, and also, make it very difficult to lose the weight.

Hey, any questions or comments about sugar will be highly appreciated. Just let me know what’s up in the comment section below.

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