I know, this is a weird topic for those of you not familiar with it yet.

But it’s true.

Getting a regular massage can make you live a long and healthy life.

How do I know this?  (… Because I am still young and cannot know much about living long).

Yes, I’m young, but I came across a study done by a doctor/researcher on centenarians.

I’ve postponed writing this post for a long time because I have been trying to remember the book I read and for the life of me I can’t remember the name of the book.

I’ve gone through my library again and again but still can’t find it.

So I decided to just tell you what I read.

If I eventually find that book, I’ll come back here to tell you the technicality of the research.

So don’t forget to sign up so you can get the updated version.

Here’s what the research was about

This doctor wanted to know what made people live long.

He interviewed a hundred or so centenarians and asked them what they did to live such long and healthy lives.

But what surprised him the most was that these people gave different answers.

Some smoked almost all their lives.

Some drank alcohol.

Some even engaged in minimal forms of active exercises.

Some lived radical lifestyles that can cause serious harm on normal people like you and I.

And some did all of these things combined… and still lived to be a 100 years old.

But they all had one thing in common

They did all have regular massages.

I know weird right?

When I read it I was like, HOW?

Then I decided to do some research into why massage can make someone live long and I found all these benefits of getting a regular massage that can make you live a long life.

Then I became a believer.

So, these are the benefits of getting regular massage.

1. Massage Promotes Flexibility

The first thing is flexibility.

Have you ever tried to squeeze the lap of a cat?

Or hell, just hold a cat and notice how flexible they are? (If you’ve never held a cat before, find one, go to a friend that has one, hold it and try to squeeze its leg and body and notice how soft it is).

Maybe that’s why they say cats have nine lives.

Have you seen any of these old people who, when trying to sit down find it hard to do?

And they even have it harder to stand up.

This will never be your problem if you are flexible.

Now you can stretch for flexibility, that’s also okay as it will release all the tensions in your joints but getting a massage will not only release the friction of your joints, it will also untie any knots in your body; as some of you that have had a full-body massage can testify to.

Mind you, get a full body massage regularly and your body will be as limber and soft as that of a cat.

2. Massage will Lower Your Blood Pressure

I’m not a medical expert as I have mentioned in my disclaimer, so you should take these suggestions with a grain of salt and consult a real doctor if you are not sure but, as I have come to understand it, I will say it here.

High blood pressure can come upon you as a result of stress as I’m sure you already know.

And when you get a massage, it makes you feel relaxed and also like you are a being cared for tenderly; which reduces your blood pressure.

Now imagine you get this kind of massage everyday, you feel relaxed everyday and there’s no way in hell you are getting high blood pressure or even a heart attack.

That’s long life right there.

You might be thinking that getting a massage everyday is not really practical, and that’s true.

I too cannot bring myself to getting an everyday regular massage.

But you could schedule it for a week, during the weekends; or if you are the super busy type, you can do this monthly.

Thinking about it, you should not skimp on this because it is the good health that will make you keep on doing what it is you do.

3. Sleep Well

If you get a massage before you go to bed, you will notice that your sleep gets better.

You’ll sleep deeply and well.

And we all know how important a good nights rest is to your overall health.

You can also cure your insomnia – if you have one – with a massage.

Now imagine you have deep and satisfying sleeps every night; you’ll not only live a long and healthy life, you will also begin to look younger that your actual age.

Which is beautiful, trust me on this one. I constantly get “compliments” that I look younger than my age, and I’m flattered.

One more thing;

You can actually massage yourself at home, by yourself; instead of paying too much at a spa.

I read of a guy who does this everyday, massaging himself.

Some people find it kind of odd but I think it’s a good idea; if you don’t have the budget for it.

You can check out the sleep massage protocols here for a “Do It Yourself” massage therapy.

You can also get a good massage tool.

4. Ease symptoms of depression

Massage eases depression as shown in a study.

I don’t know much about depression but according to research done in the University of Miami, 37 breast cancer patients that received regular massage felt less depressed and angry, and they also had more energy.

As a healthy person where the thing you get depressed about is whether your sweet kids are turning into angry teenagers or your spouse forgot to call you, or some other trivia thing we normally get depressed about; if you get regular massage, you are sure of a great health and long life.

There are many other benefits of getting regular massage and if you are looking to live a long and healthy life, you should dedicate a small portion of your day, or week to getting regular massage.

Some other benefits of massage are:

  1. Improve cardiovascular health
  2. Increase blood circulation
  3. Reduces stress
  4. Strengthens immune system
  5. Reduces pain linked with cancer


Do you want to live a long life? Then decide to get regular massage.

Maybe on a weekly basis or, if you have time, daily.

It will help you live long.


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