The reasons you are not losing weight, especially if you have been trying for a while now can be found in one or more of these reasons below.

Now you can use this list as a reference point for losing weight and if you want to know what you can do to really lose weight fast, click here.

reason you are not losing weight

1. Stress

Stress can take a toll on your health, especially your ability to lose weight if you are looking or trying to lose weight.

And it can be a major cause of weight gain in many people.

If you have been trying to lose weight for a while now and you have not been forthcoming, take a step back and look at your lifestyle.

See if there’s anything that has been bothering you in recent times, anything that has been weighing heavily on your mind for a while now.

When you find that thing, try to let it go or if it’s something you can do something about, do it and forget about it and you will notice your weight loss regime will start to go very well.

Or you could get some weight loss pills that can serve as a catalyst to your weight loss journey.

2. Eating Takeouts

This is another major reason you are not losing weight fast.

If you frequent drive-throughs and are still trying to lose weight, you may as well forget about it.

That is why most of the fat guys you see in movies are usually eating food gotten from a fast food joint.

If you are really serious about losing weight fast, you must reduce the amount of fast food you eat or if you are a radical one, eliminate fast foods from your life completely.

3. Sedentary Lifestyle

You must keep active if you not only want to lose weight but also want to have a healthy heart.

A sedentary lifestyle is when you stay in a place for a long period of time. For example, sitting in front of the TV binge watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S for six hours straight without getting up; or playing video games for the whole day without doing anything physical…

….like a couch potato!

This doesn’t only add weight to your body but is a very unhealthy habit to emulate because it weakens your heart which, in the long run, could be fatal.

4. Overeating

Your body only needs a certain amount of food to survive a day and over-feeding it will just make it store the excess food in your body as fat.

Which in the long run, or not-that-long-a-run, will make you fat.

Give your body only the necessary amount it needs to function and you will lose weight without even trying.

5. Genetics

Lets face it, many people add weight due to genetics.

This is not to say that you cannot lose weight even if you tried, it just says that you will add weight faster than any other person if you don’t take good care of yourself.

This means you will have to do some extra work in keeping slim.

Don’t eat sugar or any junk food and try to make sure your body has at least thirty minutes active time during the day.

If you are a busy person, that’s okay, you can do a little exercise in your office.

There are some executives that have office treadmills.

There are some under the desk treadmills if you wish to use those ones.

A little thirty minute sesh during lunch time will do you a whole lot of good.

reason you are not losing weight 2

6. Skipping A Meal… Especially Breakfast

I haven’t had a problem with skipping meals personally but according to human kinetics, skipping a meal can have negative consequences.

But I must confess, when I do skip a meal I get heavy when I eventually eat something… even though that thing I ate was light, I still feel heavy.

What I think is bad about skipping meals is that when you don’t give your body what it needs at the time it slows down your metabolism and when you eventually eat, it takes a lot of time to digest it which is why I usually feel heavy after eating once I skip a meal.

7. Too Much Alcohol

Alcohol is a reason you are not losing weight in the sense that…..

It makes you have a pot belly (beer belly), makes you act silly and I know some of you think you are more fun when buzzed, but in the long run it takes a toll on your physical and mental health.

Take a look at this post about the dangers of drugs and alcohol.

8. Slow Metabolism

If you are born with a slow metabolism, which makes you add weight, unless you eat like once a day, then it is not your fault at all.

But lets not get you complacent yet, you can still do something about it.

What you should do to boost your metabolism as it has worked for me many times is to take up an active sport like soccer, or basketball.

Any sport that lets you run a lot is especially good.

No golf please, I don’t consider that a sport.

I like it though.

But it would not crack my top ten list of REAL SPORTS.

You can also take up running every single morning, not in the evenings.

There’s something about running in the morning that is just so exhilarating and primes you up for the day, your metabolism is up the roof and you have enough energy for the day.

Doing this every morning is sure to increase the rate of your metabolism and you start to lose weight fast.

9. Not Getting Enough Sleep/Or Getting Too Much Sleep

Sleep deprivation is surely one reason you are not losing weight as fast as you would want it.

Not getting enough sleep or even getting too much sleep can add to your calories.

Make sure you sleep the amount your body needs to function properly.

10. You Don’t Watch Your Calories

Many people do this.

But in their defense, watching calories can be exhausting.

If you know you have a the tendency to add a little any time you try to over-indulge, you should look into doing more physical activities or just go vegan/vegetarian.

11. Eating Large Meals

Scientists have said that you should eat five little meals a day instead of three large ones.

When you eat a large meal, your body takes time to digest it all which makes you feel heavy, tired, sleepy and a little slow.

If you have ever seen an anaconda after it has swallowed a prey, how slow it is, that’s how you are after eating a large meal.

So break your three large meals into five or six small ones and you will have all the energy you need for the whole day.

reasons you are not losing weight12. You Don’t Exercise… at all

You really should!

Exercise should be a serious thing in your life right now and it is not only for losing weight, it is also for an overall healthy lifestyle.

Incorporate a health and fitness regime in you everyday life and it will pay off big for you in the future.

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Over to You

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