Do you think you are currently stressed? Does it feel like your life would be a lot better if you knew how to reduce stress? Plus, do you think you have added a little weight due to stress? This post will show you how to get rid of stress naturally and get back to your trim body.

How to Reduce Stress to Lose Weight

Stress management can help you lose weight fast and for many reasons. Less stress means:

  • You’re not craving foods that makes your blood sugar level to spike,
  • Caffeine and alcohol, which can trigger weight gain for anyone.

There’s nothing more frustrating than having to diet and exercise almost everyday and notice no changes in your fat loss journey.

If you think you’re doing everything right and still see no results, then you might be stressed out and now is the time to learn how to reduce stress to lose weight.

This stress thing has caused so much drama in the lives of many people. We all have it to some extent, so, why is it that some people gain weight when they’re stressed out and others stay slim even when they lose their shit?

In some cases it can be due to genetics that you add weight when you’re stressed out and sometimes, it’s because of stress eating.

Regardless of why you’re adding weight, it’s not always the stress that causes you to add weight but how you handle being stressed out.

So, here’s the million dollar question,

How do you reduce stress so you lose weight?

Below, you’ll see how to reduce stress fast:

Things that drive you crazy like traffic, news, project deadlines and screaming kids makes your adrenal glands secret the stress hormone called cortisol.

Cortisol is natures built-in stress alarm because it regulates how your body reacts to stress by igniting your “fight or flight” response.

Cortisol is a steroid hormone that is produced by the adrenal glands which sit on top of each kidney. When released into the bloodstream, cortisol can act on many different parts of the body and can help your body respond to stress or danger. (1)

It makes your body hold on to fat and slows your metabolism. According to a study done in England, people who had more cortisol in the hair sample they provided had more BMI and had larger waistline. (2)

Since cortisol is a “fight or flight” hormone, it makes your body go into survival mode because it thinks you’re going to die a horrible death, so it shuts down EVERYTHING but the essentials.

Even when the threat is gone, it takes up to 24 hours for the cortisol to calm down.

Learn Healthy Self-Soothing Techniques

Self-soothing can help you handle stressful emotions as they arise. Many of us use food as a stress reliever and if you do, I won’t say you shouldn’t, but I’ll tell you to substitute the unhealthy foods for more healthy foods. Fruits can be great.

Other self-soothing techniques:

  • Practice deep breathing: Spend a few minutes to take slow, deep and long breaths to relax your body and tell yourself everything is going to be okay. (You can use the phrase I use from the movie 3 Idiots, “all is well”). Telling yourself these things can actually make you feel a little better and reduce the stress instantly.
  • Stress comes when we think about what is going to happen or what has already happened. So instead of thinking into the future or in the past, practice mindfulness or meditation and be in the present by focusing on what you are doing in the moment.
  • Go for a long walk. It doesn’t only make you lose weight but can be therapeutic.
  • Watch a sitcom. A little under the nose but it helps A LOT!

Start Practicing Yoga

Yoga has been a great factor for me when it comes to reducing stress.

I was 22 when the doctor said I had high blood pressure. Seriously, a 22 year old kid? Granted, I was going through a lot then, but still. That’s when I started doing yoga. And it has helped me alot.

It’s amazing how effective yoga is for calming the mind, relieving tension and getting you back to your center.

When you do yoga for a while, it trains your parasympathetic nervous system to tolerate any stressful situation that may come your way. (3)

Sleep More

I don’t know about you but when I don’t get at least 6 hours of sleep in a day I get stressed out. You should make an effort to get enough good sleep every night.

To do this, you should try and go to bed early enough so you get the adequate amount of sleep you need. And if you are someone who finds it hard to sleep at night, this post about how to fall asleep faster can help you cure your insomnia.

Sleep deprivation comes hand in hand with sugar craving. It has adverse effect on your self-discipline and makes it really easy to give in to temptation.

Go Have Fun

What do you do for fun? If you’re racking your brain right now to think about something fun you do, then that may be a reason you’re stressed out.

Make an effort to do something fun once in a while. Get a fun hobby, something that relaxes you and makes you laugh. Go out with friends and family and have a good time.

If you enjoyed this articles and it was really helpful to you, or you may have questions, please feel free to leave then in the comment section below!


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