This one is for the significantly heavy people. If you would like to know what to eat to lose weight, this post is for you.

The only way I know how in this case is if you eat slowly according to readers digest.

The approximate amount of time it takes for the pang of hunger to leave someone after the person has taken his first bite is 20 minutes.

For some people, it is very difficult to eat slowly; I know of a guy who says that eating fast is the only way for him to feel like he has actually eaten something.

Needless to say, he is a bit chubby.

I know of some people who don’t chew their food; some take at most three bites before swallowing.

How do you eat slowly?

There’s only one other way I know of to eat slowly apart from nibbling at your meal, and that is…

  • Chew your food more

If it helps you can count the number of times you chew your food.

Try to increase it to at least 40 chews per bite.

It may seem tedious as it was for me the very first time I tried it but when you get used to it you won’t even need to count your chews anymore.

It does not matter what you are eating, as long as it is moderately healthy and as long as you eat it for at least 20-30 minutes.

how to lose weight while eatingBenefits of eating slowly

There are various benefits of eating slowly which are

  • It helps you lose weight fast
  • When it reaches 20 minutes, your satisfaction hormone comes to play, letting you know you’ve had enough.
  • Due to the fact that you chew your food more, your body will be able to absorb the nutrients more easily and faster making you feel lighter as you go along your day.
  • This also improves digestion.
  • Finally, you will enjoy your meal more because you took your time to eat it.

What exactly should you do?

What you should do to help you lose weight while eating…

  1. Be patient while eating
  2. Try and do the “mindful eating” thing, you know, like the monks do (If you’ve never tried it before, it’s tedious; but it helps)
  3. Drink lots of water before you begin your meal
  4. Use a timer to make sure you don’t eat below 20 minutes.

Your Main Takeaway

If you want to lose weight while you eat, irrespective of what you eat as long as it is not some extreme junk, eat healthy weight loss mealseat slowly. Chew your meal at least 40 times to make sure that you really eat as slow as you can and


Make sure you eat for at least 20 minutes using the chewing method.

Bottom Line

Eat for at least 20 minutes and chew your meal at least 40 times to eat more slowly and lose weight in the process.

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