You can get rid of some excess fat with this 15 minute yoga workout for weight loss! Yoga is a great tool and can be used to improve flexibility, strength and of course… lose weight!

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Yoga has been found to have a great effect on weight loss, and the yoga workouts here will help you not only burn fat, but also improve your flexibility for women and increases strength for men.

Who can perform this workout?

  • Complete beginners (because you can do it to fit your body type)
  • People looking to improve their flexibility and strength
  • People looking to lose weight with yoga

Here are the workout poses along with instructions on how to do them.

This should only take 15 minutes of your time!

Before you begin, you should invest in a good yoga mat and some yoga outfits for comfort when practicing your poses.

Note: I’m not completely sure of the names of some of these workouts so I’ll give it my own name with an *asterix* so you know it is a made-up name. (Please, bear with me if I mistakenly give one of your favorite pose a weird name)!

You may already know the benefits of a good yoga exercise; and that is why in this post I’m not going into the healthy benefits of yoga. You can find that article by clicking on the link below.

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This particular article will show you some yoga poses you can do every day to improve your strength and flexibility.

I got this video from YouTube and have been performing these poses at least twice in a week for month now and I have seen the benefits on my physique.

I even get compliments from some guys and many ladies. (Proud smirk)!

Lets begin!

Mountain Pose

yoga weight loss1Most of us do this almost every day and you may have done it without knowing it is a yoga pose.

I personally think that any kind of movement that is meant to cause your body to be flexible is a yoga pose.

I hope I haven’t blasphemed.

The way you do this is to stand straight and tall, raise both your hands above your head and keep it that way.

Make sure your whole upper and lower torso is well stretched.

Do this for 30 seconds and move to the next step

By the way, these movements are a flow, you don’t get to stop, take a break and go to the next step. They transition from one step to the next.


lose weight 2

From the normal stretch, bend from side-to-side, giving your sides a good long stretch, like it is in the image.

Do this for both sides and try to keep the position for 30 seconds.

*Touch Your Toes*

lose weight 3From the normal stretch, bend forward and touch your toes. Try to do this without bending your knees; but if you can’t, it’s okay to bend them for now. And as you progress, hopefully, you’ll be able to do this without bending your knees. By then you would have started to gain flexibility in your body.

Downward Dog

From the Touch Your Toes, move your hands forward and place them on the mat in front of you.

You will feel the burns right behind your legs.


lose weight 5From the position of the downward dog, lay on the mat with your stomach and with the support of your hands, raise your upper torso like it is in the picture. Keep the pose for 30 seconds.

You will feel the stretch on your lower torso. This is good for a flat stomach.

*Leg Stretch*

lose weight 6Go back to the downward dog position and lift your leg backwards as far as you can go, and no farther.

Keep this position for 30 seconds and do the same with the other leg.

This pose works well for the groin.

*Sitting Cobra*

lose weight yoga 6This position is a little complex. Here’s how you do it.

Sit on a mat, first stretch your left leg behind you and sit on top of your right leg which will be bent in front of you.

Straighten your back. Hold the position for 30 seconds.

This position does a lot for your body as it first stretches your core and increases the strength and flexibility of your outer thigh in your front leg and inner thigh for your back leg.

Switch the legs and do the same thing.

Childs’ Pose

lose weight yoga 8Kneel down, sit on top of your legs while kneeling and stretch forward, making sure your palms are flat on the mat and you are facing downward on the mat.

Hold this position for 30 minutes.

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Cat Pose

This is called the Cat Pose because of the way cats usually position themselves when they are about to fight or when threatened.

Go down on all fours and bend your back outwards… like a cat.

Hold the position for 30 seconds and do the Cow Pose.

Cow Pose

weight loss #yogaThe Cow Pose is the reverse of Cat Pose.

As you are on all fours, bend your back inwards.

Both the Cat & Cow poses are very good for your spine.

Do the Cat & Cow pose continuously for a flexible and strong spine.

Wrapping Up

These 10 yoga poses for weight loss will help you improve your flexibility and strength and also, make you lose weight in the process.

And hey, if you liked this post please let me know in the comment section below. I would love to hear from you.

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