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30-Days From Now You'll Be...

  • 12-25 pounds lighter
  • 2-3 Drops in dress sizes
  • Clothes will feel better
  • Feeling like a feather on your feet
  • lose 3-4 inches from your waist
  • Improve skin and hair quality
  • Less aches and pains in joints
  • and so much, much more…

Why the 30-Day Fat Loss Challenge?

The 30-Day Fat Loss Challenge is diet program for women guaranteed to help you rapidly melt away pure body fat faster than you ever thought possible! It has the Weight Loss Tips and also has three incredible resources for you and two awesome bonuses you would not want to miss out on.

MAIN GUIDE (The 30-Day Fat Loss Challenge): This is the main guide and why you are reading this page right now. It contains effective guides for each day that is guaranteed to help you lose weight fast.

Bonus 1 (How to Lose weight in One Month Fast): You get Incredible tips on how to lose weight in one month. This is different from the MAIN GUIDE.

Bonus 2 (20 Weight Loss Tips): You get 20 awesome weight loss recipes that has been designed to help you lose weight faster and in less than 30 days.


Here's What You'll Get:

Everything you need to lose the weight quickly and effectively…

3 Simple, Instantly Downloadable eBooks

30-day fat loss challenge main guide


This is the Main Guide of the 30-Day Fat Loss Challenge. This takes you step-by-step through the 30-day process. You’ll learn:
   – On the first day, the one thing that will prepare your body for the weight loss challenge.
   – Day to day to-do tips for a successful 30-day fat loss challenge
   – On the last day, the ONLY thing to do to lose weight quickly even if you don’t do the rest.
   – And tons More
The Main Guide also shows you the ONE MAIN reason why you get fat and also shows you what to do about it. This guide is filled with practical action steps to take for a massive fat meltdown. It does not give you hypothetical or theoretical about weight loss. It goes straight to the bottom of the situation each day and tackles the problem head on. No time wasting because you are a very busy person.


Get ready to discover awesome weight loss recipes that you can prepare to help you lose weight quickly. You are about to learn some of the simple recipes that have been hiding in plain sight. You’ll discover…
   – The food you NEVER have to prepare because it has already been made for you   
   – Stretch of a hand recipe you might not have taken note of
   – And many more
Some of these recipes are everywhere around you and it is very surprising to know that many people still don’t know what these simple recipes can do for them. Learn about these recipes and be in the know about how they can help you lose weight faster.

How to Lose Weight in One Month

This particular guide is a little extra something that shows you how to lose weight in one month. The MAIN GUIDE gives you a step-by-step approach for the 30-day fat loss while this guide shows you more insight into how you can lose weight during this 30-day period. This shows that there is no way you can’t lose weight with this program. it has been prepared specifically for you to lose weight in 30 days NO MATTER WHAT! I’m so confident in this for you. With this guide, you’ll learn……
   – the ONE THING that you must do that will GUARANTEE you lose weight in 30 days and without this thing, you might as well not even try.
   – Some of the lifestyle changes you can make to begin your weight loss journey.
   – One tip that will help you melt fat in a relaxed way that you won’t even feel like you are doing anything to lose weight.
   – And tons More
This particular guide will allow you to see the tiny holes in your daily habits and help you to take the necessary action to manage those habits and help you lose weight and stay healthier.



This is VERY IMPORTANT to me. When you purchase this 30-Day Fat Loss Challenge, you get access into my inner circle of people I help to lose weight through Skype calls and personal correspondence. If you have any questions about the challenge and about weight loss in general, I will be available to answer your questions and help you until you are satisfied and you’ve gotten the result you want.


This ONE-TIME payment of $37 gets you access to do the Challenge as many times as you’d like and access to all future updates! Click the red button below to get INSTANT ACCESS!

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Lose Fat or Your Money Back!

I’m incredibly confident that the 30-Day Fat Loss Challenge will melt away 15-25 pounds of pure fat (the kind you can measure on a scale) in just 30 days that we’re ready to take all the risk and guarantee your results.

Get Results or Don’t Pay a Dime!!!

If you finish the challenge and are unsatisfied for ANY reason, just send an email to, and we will send you your money right back!

All we ask is for proof that you tried the challenge via photos of yourself or photos of 30-Day Challenge approved meals.

NOTE – No refunds will be given for mistaking these books for hardcover copies. They are digital books available for your phone, computer, tablet, or laptop.

All refunds subject to Fit Health Lab’s money back guarantee.


Meet the Fat Loss Expert

Maku Seun

– Creator of the Fat Loss Challenge
– Published author
– 10,000+ Hours Working on Fat Loss Methods
– Founder and Creators of

You Have Questions?

What is the 30-Day Fat Loss Challenge?

It is a weight loss program that is designed to help you lose 12-25 Pounds in 30 days. Do you want to lose more weight fast? No problem! The Challenge was designed in a way that it can be repeated multiple times if you have more weight to lose! You can complete 5-10 rounds and more!

Do I have to pay for every round I do?

Nope. It’s just an easy, one-time payment of $37 for the entire program. Do as many rounds as you’d like with no additional charges! The one-time purchase price of $37 gets you access to the entire program as well as any future updates that we make or bonuses that we release!

Is there a guarantee?

Absolutely! If you finish the Challenge and didn’t get the results that we have guaranteed (12-25 Pounds during the 30 days), you can email me at for a full refund. All I ask to complete the refund is that you show us that you tried the Challenge via photos of yourself or your meals. This is to both ensure that you give the challenge your best and to protect our digital content. All refunds and guarantees are also subject to the terms of our refund policy here.

What type of challenges does this program consist of?

This challenge is a day-by-day weight loss program, consisting of practical actions to take every day to help you lose weight at the appointed time, 30 days. It also contain tips that you can do at your free time for that extra leverage over the annoying weight you’ve been trying for years to get rid of. As long as you try these challenges, there’s no way you won’t lose weight. Or I give you your money back.

What type of people is the challenge designed for?

Any body can do this program, but we made this program specifically for women and mothers ages 21-59 in mind. That being said, we have people of all ages doing the program and also some men who get great results on the program. It is designed for women but everybody can take part in the challenge and get the same result we are promising you.

Do I have to exercise? What if I am unable to exercise?

You do not have to exercise to get the guaranteed 12-25 Pounds in 30 days. If you are unable to exercise, you will still lose the weight (although working out does help).  The thing is that there are not much workouts in this challenge. Everyone from a complete newbie to someone with intermediate experience could pick up this program, start out, and get fast results!

Do I have to buy shakes, organic food, or any other hidden supplements?

Nope! We do have a couple of recommendations for those that want supplements, but nothing is required beyond the tips and practicals actions that are approved in the program! 

What if I have diabetes or pre-diabetes? 

If you are pre-diabetic, this plan will absolutely work for you! But You will need to always consult a doctor before beginning any new challenge.

Will the weight come back?

You shouldn’t experience any rebound weight from this plan as long as you continue eating a healthy diet beyond the Challenge. If you ever gain any weight back (vacation, travel, holidays, weddings… we get it!), you can simply restart the Challenge at any point in time to knock the weight back off!  Plus, with the techniques shown in one of the books about how to lose weight for good, you never have to worry about getting the weight back.

Can men do this program?

Absolutely! We design most of our content to reach women, because they make up the vast majority of our audience. But we have had TONS of husbands and boyfriends do the Challenge with their better half. The crazy thing is… They usually lose a little more weight than their female counterparts as well! This Challenge totally works for men as well, and it’s a great thing for couples to do together for additional motivation and support!

Why is the 30-day Fat Loss Challenge not available in hardcover?

Because the 30-Day Fat Loss Challenge would have cost a whole lot of money to make it a hardcover program! That’s crazy expensive, and we wanted to make sure ALL of our loyal followers could enjoy 30-Day Fat Loss Challenge. So we decided to publish it as an easy to access PDF ebook instead. That way you’ll also have FREE access to any updates we make to the book, as well as freebies!  No refunds will be given for making this mistake!

Is my credit card secure?

Credit card security is extremely important to us. That’s why we’ve partnered with Voguepay to handle the billing and provide a secure socket layer, 128 bit encryption. Frankly, your credit card data is much safer making an online purchase through our secure site than it is using it to pay for gas or buy food at a restaurant. So feel comfortable knowing that your transaction is 100% completely protected from fraud.

How do I get the 30-Day Fat Loss Challenge Ebook?

Just click the big bright red button below and you’ll be taken to the page where you make your payment and get the product instantly. You can make a payment via Credit Card and the whole package will be in your hands in less than 2 minutes after payment.



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