You shouldn’t be surprised that drugs and alcohol can have negative effects on your life. You know this and you want to know specifically how those negative effects affect your life which is why you are reading this right now.

I’ll try to give you some of the dangers of drugs and alcohol in the short and long term so you see what it can do to you.

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I will also try to make it as displeasing as I can.

Yes, you will not feel good about it if you are addicted to drugs and alcohol.

But my job is not to make you feel good, my job is to give you some hard facts I borrowed from some of the best rehab centers in California about drugs and alcohol so that hopefully you will take necessary measures to combat the addiction and if you are thinking about “experimenting” with drugs and alcohol, you’ll rethink your choice.

Addiction to drugs and alcohol can ruin everything in your life from your bank account to your family and more.

The list is almost endless as drugs and alcohol it can wreak havoc on everything good in your life.

You may already know some of these side effects, but do you really know how destructive they can be?

meth user

Meth User.

You may think your drugs and alcohol use is just for fun, especially if you are young, but this is usually not the case.

Even though drugs and alcohol can make you feel like you’re floating in heaven in the moment, it can really cause some long term damage to your life, and you are better off without it.

As I was researching for this post, I came across many side effects of drugs and alcohol abuse and I thought to myself, “With all these side effects, is it not better to end ones’ life?”

They had different side effects for the different drugs. It was too much!

Pleeaaaaaasssse! I’m not suggesting you commit suicide, I’m just saying the negative effects are too much and should discourage you try drugs and alcohol, or they should encourage you to get the help you need.

So, lets’ dive into the dangerous effects of drugs and alcohol;

By the way, I have added some pictures and a YouTube video on the negative effects of drugs and alcohol.

They make me squirm whenever is see it, but I want it to be a reminder on the negative effects drugs and alcohol addiction can have on your life.

1.     Brain Chemistry

This is usually the first thing that begins to change in your body once you start using drugs and alcohol.

I have seen the transformation in some people. They turn from a sweet, reasonable person to someone that can’t be reasoned with rationally.

This is because the drugs and alcohol has changed their brain chemistry and what usually use to be a very reasonable thing to them and become something that eludes them completely.

As I don’t have enough knowledge on how the brain works, I’ll just leave you with this image of the brain of a non-drug user versus the brain of a drug addict so you see the difference.


When you take drugs for the first time, your brain releases high levels of a chemical known as dopamine which is a feel good chemical.

Then you want more of it because it makes you feel good. (You may feel like you have control over it but soon it will become a substance dependency).

As time goes by, your body won’t be able to function normally without the extra dopamine you’ve been getting and soon everything will start to change, from your personality to memory and other bodily functions and possessions you and I take for granted.

2.     Restlessness

You must have seen some of these drug addicts out there or on TV. One major thing is that they are often restless.

If you have a conversation with a drug addict without knowing he or she is on drugs, you will start to suspect the person is on drugs.

It is that obvious.

Alcohol and drug addiction can make you very restless and untrustworthy to people.

3.     Mood swings

An addict suffering from a withdrawal can be a specimen of unpredictability because you don’t have a clue as to what they will do next.

And you cannot interact with an unpredictable person for fear of pressing the wrong buttons that will trigger a massive mood swing.

4.     Crime

Addiction to drugs can often be directly related to crime.

This is because when one start using drugs, his or her personal lives goes in shambles; finances are crippled and without money to feed the addiction, the addict resorts to shady means to get that money to score more drugs.

The kind of crime differs (but is still crime).

A low-life might use guns to rob people while a “high class” citizen (mind the quote) will resort to things like fraud and Ponzi schemes.

5.     Physical Transformation

Yikes. Of all the disadvantages of being addicted to drugs and alcohol, this is the one I fear the most.

I cannot afford to cause any major negative harm to my features.

I can’t even think about it.

Take a look at this picture and tell me if you think it is appealing to look at.

Think twice before you even experiment with drugs and alcohol.

6.     Professional Problems

Anybody addicted to drugs and alcohol must have problems with their professional life. That’s a given.

You can’t really focus on your work if you are always thinking about how you are going to score your next coke.

7.     Lethargy

Honestly, a majority of the people I see addicted to drugs are usually very lean and look like they have no strength in their body.

They also run out of breath fast. (I think that’s because they sit all day doing this stuff!)

8.     Cancer (Liver, breast, mouth & throat)

Too much drugs and alcohol messes with your organs and can cause all forms of cancer.

Check out: How to make sure you never get cancer

9.     Weakened Immune System

Addiction to drugs and alcohol weaken your immune system and makes you vulnerable to all kinds of sicknesses and diseases.

With the use of drugs, you have an increased risk of contacting illnesses like pneumonia, Hepatitis and other diseases. Plus, if you are predisposed to cancer, chances are you will get them, we suggest to get kratom strains to try to get out of your addiction.

10.Health Issues

Just like I have mentioned above, constant use of drugs and alcohol will cause you all sorts of health issues and make you vulnerable to many sicknesses out there.

11.Sexual Dysfunction

Drugs and alcohol have been known to affect a person’s sexual behavior and his/her ability to function properly.

And there are drugs that have been known to make sexual disorders like libido, sexual desires and sexual arousal worse according to

12.Personal Problems

As long as you are addicted to the use of drugs and alcohol, there is a 99.99% chance that you will start having some serious personal problems. From family to professional.

drugs and alcohol


Since drugs and alcohol weakens your immune system, you will become open to all kinds of sicknesses and your body will serve as a breeding ground for most illnesses.

14.Legal Issues

Professionally, drug abuse will shatter most parts of your life and that will cause you to do some illegal things, including drunk driving which will land you in jail in the long term, if you want further information you can contact Los Angeles DUI Attorney California.

15.Lack of Concentration

Drug abuse can bring a total lack of concentration to a person’s life. If you are at home, you are not at home. If you are at work, you are not at work. This stuff just makes you totally absent minded.

16.Financial Problems

Addiction to drugs will make you bankrupt. After you spend all your money on trying to get more drugs, you will borrow money from people and when you can’t pay back and no  one will lend you any more money, you resort to crime. Its a shit show.

17.Slurred Speech

Meth use can cause your speech to be slurred because of the damage it does to your teeth.

Check out this guys’ teeth. By the way, he is only 25 years old. Talk about physical transformation.

18.Memory Impairment

Continuous use of drugs can cause damage to your long and short term memory.

19.Accidental Injuries

Since you won’t know what you are doing 90% of the time when you are on drugs, you will cause a lot of accidental injuries to you and many people around you. This is because you can’t think clearly when on drug use.

20.Damage of Internal Organs

Too much alcohol can cause some irreparable damage to your internal organs, especially your liver and kidneys.

21.Muscle and Bone Breakdown

Drug abuse will in time cause a deterioration of your muscles and bones and in some cases, leave you on a wheel chair for the rest of your life.


Drug abusers are usually very paranoid. They think everyone is out to get them.

23.Excessive Sweating

Too much drug use has been known to make someone sweat a lot. Like Chris Farley, the once very promising comedic genius turned massive drug user.

24.Birth Defects

Pregnant mothers should steer clear of drugs and alcohol abuse as it has been known to cause some sort of birth defects in their children.


Meth users usually have this sensation of bugs under their skin, which makes them scratch their skin and cause irritation.

26.Skin Lesions

Drugs use can really mess up your skin and cause skin lesions. Like the picture of the lady above.

27.Assaults & Fights

Because drugs and alcohol addicts can’t think clearly again, they usually get into fights without giving it a second thought… or a first.


I haven’t seen anybody do this in real life as I am not always in the company of drugs and alcohol users, but I have seen it in the movies when an addict will be shivering because of withdrawal.

29.Terminal Disease Contraction (HIV & AIDS)

Through the use of intravenous drugs like heroin, cocaine, meth and opioid painkillers you can get infected with terminal drugs like HIV & AIDS.

This is mostly because the syringes are not usually new and also never sterilized. Up to 10 people can use one syringe and if one of them has a disease that can spread through the syringe, the rest will have that disease also.


This is the inevitable end of a drug addict.

After all of the symptoms and more, if you are not smart enough to get help, you will eventually end up in the same situation as many drug addicts out there.

Names like Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe and Whitney Houston should ring a bell and teach you a valuable lesson about the effects of drugs and alcohol.

30 Dangerous Effects of Drugs and Alcohol: Conclusion

I’m not going to sugar coat it here, these are very terrible effects and even typing these down gives me the chills.

One thing I value most above anything is my health and I don’t see why I’ll have to do this to my body.

I hope this list has convinced you that drugs and alcohol is bad for your health.

I hope you have made a silent promise to yourself to never do drugs and if you are already on some sort of drug, I hope you have made a silent promise to yourself to get the help you need to battle this demon.

Lets’ commit today to take good care of our bodies so we live long and enjoy life the natural way.


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