I love drinking wine. Lets Just get that out of my chest first of all.

Now onto the real reason for this post. (It’s not about my love for wine).

Here in this post I want to let you know how red wine helps you lose weight. It’s kinda weird, right? How can drinking wine help you lose weight?

You’ll soon see.

drinking wine 1

First of all, lets’ talk about the benefits of wine before I zero-in on how it helps you lose weight.

How Drinking Wine Can Make You Lose Weight

So, how can drinking wine help you lose weight?

Drinking wine is not like a genie in “the bottle” that will automatically make you lose weight after drinking wine. Although some of the components in wine can help you convert bad fat to good fat, it doesn’t magically make you lose weight.

That’s one of the ways wine helps you “lose weight”.

This means that if you are unhealthy with some dangerous amount of fat in your body, drinking a glass or two of red wine can help convert some of the fat into good fat…

…making you a little bit healthier.

Now that you know that a glass of wine can help you lose some weight, don’t have a heavy hand when pouring your wine… it can easily become dumping massive amounts of alcohol in your system.

Does this mean you should start drinking alcohol if you drink already?

If you don’t drink alcohol right now it doesn’t mean you should start because any form of alcohol in the body is not healthy.

If you don’t drink, a light physical exercise daily will help you lose weight fast and keep it off for good.

Red Wine or White Wine?drinking wine 2

Are all wines okay for helping you lose weight? Or is red wine better than white wine?

Well, red wine usually contains more calories than white wine according to livingstrong, which is about a 4-calorie difference.

So should you drink white wine or red wine?

I think it doesn’t matter as long as you take at most two glasses a day.


Alcohol can be an appetite stimulant and speed up your metabolism; but if you already have a healthy appetite, drinking alcohol can make you eat more than you your body needs.



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