Shocking Connection Between Idleness and Your Health

Having no purpose in life, doing nothing and floating through life in a state of idle reverie can have devastating effects on your health. Not just in the physical sense but it can also have devastatingly severe effects on your psychological health. This post will show you the connection between idleness and your health.

Idleness ‘will end up killing as many people as smoking’: Study finds quarter of adults don’t manage to do 30 minutes of exercise each week. (1) This is the headline of an article by dailymail UK.

The funny thing about idleness and your health is that you don’t only have to exercise 30 minutes a day to be free from health concerns.

Psychological illnesses like dementia, depression and hypochondria can be a major side effect of not having to do anything.

I wanted to name this post “Having no Purpose and the Dangers it has on Your Health” but I later changed it because the weight loss community can relate more to idleness than purpose.

Having no purpose can make you think of so much unnecessary things that shouldn’t even have a place in your mind.

You think about this and that and in no time you are suffering from depression and other psychological illnesses.

Even if you don’t suffer from these illnesses, you think you suffer from them.

This is hypochondria and once you start thinking like this, it means you are beginning to have negative psychological side effects of not doing anything and having no purpose for your life.

Idleness can also mean laziness and it comes with all the side effects of idleness.

But although laziness can mean you have something you are doing, like a purpose for your life but you just can’t get your butt off the your couch or turn off the TV to go to work.

How do you avoid being idle?

The first way is to start living the way other healthy people live. This means adopting their lifestyle of being physically active, eating healthy and doing anything that has proven to be a healthy lifestyle.

Have a purpose

The second way to avoid being idle is have a purpose for your life. Have something that occupies your every day thought and actions.

The thing is, once you have a purpose for your life, and you are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve that dream or purpose, every step you take from that moment onward will be in fulfillment of that dream.

This will engulf your life and you won’t have the time to think maybe you’re coming down with a fever or not.

There may be short times when you are actually idle but it will be so insignificant that it will not have any negative effect on your health.

Having a purpose for your life not only guide you against unnecessary “illnesses” but can also give you a rich and fulfilling life.

The quality of your life will go up drastically and there will be a spring in your step that tells people you know where you’re going in life.

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Get a hobby

If right now you are idle, and you’re wondering what you will do with your life. I suggest you should get a productive hobby.

I said productive so you understand that whatever hobby you choose should do one of these three things; help you stay sane, keep you busy and help others.

Do Something New

Doing new things daily or weekly can boost your level of brain activity and give you a vibrant new positive outlook on life that you won’t have the time to think of negative things, which will keep psychological illnesses like depression far away from you.


You can see from this article that some illnesses are just in your head. When you have something productive to do and think about you will not have the time to think you may be ill.

Know your purpose in life, get a hobby and do something productive.

When you do these things and you still find yourself falling ill, comment in the section below and tell us what is happening to you and I’ll tell you what you’re doing wrong.

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