I have seen many of my friends take protein shakes and I have also seen the effects the supplement has on their bodies and also their minds. You will also find out the Whey Protein Benefits and how they work.

That is why I have listed here in this post 5 benefits of using protein shakes.

I have always been skeptical about using the supplement but after seeing what it did for my friends, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to try it out myself.

So, here are the 5 benefits of using protein shakes.

1. Builds muscles

When you exercise, due to the straining and contraction of the muscles, tissues are torn and must be rebuilt for your muscles to form and solid protein usually takes times to reach your muscles, but with the liquid protein shake, it takes about 30 minutes for it to reach your muscles.

This way you begin to see the effects almost immediately.

2. Weight loss

Proteins are more satisfying normally and so will help you lose weight faster instead of following a low carb diet option.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t consider starting a low carb diet, especially if you are looking to lose a considerable amount of weight, I’m saying that since protein makes you feel more satisfied, it is a better option for weight loss than a low carb diet.

Consult your doctor first if you plan on replacing your diet with protein shake.

3. Nutritional benefits

Protein shakes delivers essential vitamins and minerals to your system which are necessary for your body to function properly.

Protein helps to build your muscles, repair skin, tears, blood, bones and cartilage.

4. Destroys calories

Some protein shakes burns lots of calories in your system and gives you strong and healthy muscles. And for you to lose weight appropriately, it is essential that you burn calories from your system.

protein shake

5. Controls your appetite

When you don’t feel satisfied, you will always want to eat something, even though you just ate. This is a constant battle between your mind and stomach that ends up with the stomach winning.

Consuming the right protein can help you win this war.

Research has shown that protein brings down the level of the hormone called Ghrelin, which is the hormone that stimulates hunger sensation.

10 Whey Protein Benefits

  1. Helps Muscle Gain and Weight Loss
  2. Helps Fat Loss During Calorie-Reduced Diets
  3. Improves Digestive System Health
  4. Helps Reduce Hunger and Lose Weight
  5. Helps Treat Type 2 Diabetes
  6. Increases Antioxidant Defenses
  7. Is Anti-Cancer
  8. Can Naturally Lower Blood Pressure
  9. May Treat Inflammation
  10. May Help Reduce High Cholesterol in Overweight Individuals

Where to get Whey Protein

Whey protein can be gotten in some stores but to get quality whey protein supplement, you will have to shop in quality stores, eg Amazon.

You can get the 100% Whey Protein Powder here.


So, is it okay to take protein shakes or not? This was the question I battled also and my answer to you is yes.

You can start taking protein shake now for you to build your muscles and also give you the added benefits of being healthy because of the extra vitamins and minerals in it.


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